Loki Blanket (August 2012 - June 2013)

Base pattern: heliotaxis shawl, with some modifications
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Wool (x14 balls)
Weight: 3lbs/1.3kg

Well wasn’t this a huge project! It’s finally done though. :3 

There are only two really symbolic parts of the blanket—the edge, which is lily of the valley, and the center, which is a sunburst. Sunburst are obviously fire and light, which are a bit pivotal to Loki. A lily of the valley motif variant is the edge—lily of the valley are poisonous, and thus are quite fitting to the finishing of a ward. The leaves and vines that make up the rest are pretty central to the sort of relationship I’ve got with Loki—I tend to think of him with green things, and living. 

The entire shawl is made up of a single length of yarn—whenever I need to join a new ball, I would split the ends and then felt them together, so that there wouldn’t be any knots (and so, in a way, no structural weaknesses). It comes out to 1.67miles/2.68km long in length.

The total diameter of this bad boy is 8 feet and change (2.5 metersish).

The colour was another intentional pick, hovering between blue and green in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to photograph the colour. The above pictures are the best I could do—the very top is truest to colour. Loki shall not fit into any molds, ya?

Which is also why this is lace—a blanket full of holes, and yet no less warm. The contradictions and difficult to pin down nature of Loki was of great importance to me with the making of this blanket, because in some ways it’s meant to contain some small essence of Loki as much as anything. 

Oh surprise I accidentally made a very easy for me to visualize circle—I foresee using this in most of my future ritual work. 

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