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August 2013

Loki Slug~~~~~

Sea slug anyway. Because nudibrachs areĀ awesome.

Yarn is my handspun, from this batt that wouldn’t leave me alone that I got at a local fiber fest (lit, I walked the whole festival before handing over the cash for it). Super sparkley and super awesome~~~~~

Pattern is as follows:

row 1 - chain 15
round 2 - single chain and increase into every stitch, on both sides (it makes an oval)
round 3 - increase in next two stitches, single chain in 3rd stitch
round 4 - increase every third stitch
round 5 - increase every fourth stitch

continue as above until done, adding one stitch before increase stitch every time (so 6 would have every fifth, 7 would be every sixth, and so on)

fuck yeah sparkly sea slug